I (Audio CD)




• The first studio album by Infidel inc. on Audio CD

Track Listing

1. Professional
2. Snapdragon
3. Fix
4. Social Disease
5. Box of Sunshine
6. Liquid
7. Better
8. Bonebreaker
9. Shotgun Valentine
10. Little Pretty Beat Up
11. Crocodile Tears
12. Freak Pornstar
13. Warpaint
Produced by Christopher Aidan
Recorded at Bomb Factory Studios
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering
Portrait Photography by Gaelen Casey
Christopher AidanVocals/Instruments
Guest Performances
Dan Arlie, Eve Buigues, Erik Gavriluk, Susan Hyatt, Tonya Kay, Mike Oristian, Geoff Tyson

©2015 Beat Grinder Music (BMI)


“There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having your head ripped off while you shake your ass!”
Metal Hammer
“If you like music that is heavy, but is also mixed with some electronic
 sounds, maybe some funk, or even dark industrial overtones, this album is gonna grab your attention.”
Heavy Metal Resource
“Solid rhythms, aggressively loaded guitar and some impressively diverse vocals… Infidel inc. I is an addictive and blistering album.”
Underground Press
“Heavy, intense rock… the most impressive work is the blaring guitars and chaotic vocal choruses. This album is simply amazing and brilliantly produced without sounding overly synthetic. One of my recommended must-have’s.”
Gothic Beauty
“I must say that Infidel inc. is a great produced album…Chris uses sequencers and other effects like a true artist but he never lets it take over this guitar oriented heavy intense rock record.”

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