Christopher Aidan | Vocals, Guitars, Misc.

Infidel inc. is songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and producer Christopher Aidan. Metal Hammer Magazine described Aidan’s style as “Refined brutality” and his sound as “The feeling of having your head ripped off as you shake your ass!”

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Aidan attended the famed Berklee College of Music. While finishing his bachelor’s degree in music, he began recording, with his intense productions quickly gaining serious attention and recognition.

In the early 2000s, Aidan began performing solo acoustic versions of his songs around the SF Bay Area, and soon after moved to Southern California to begin recording his debut album “I” at legendary Bomb Factory Studios in Burbank, performing all the vocals and instruments himself.

Since then, Infidel inc. songs have been featured on NCIS, The Daily Show, The Super Bowl, The NBA Playoffs, The Olympic Games, The Gravity Games and PBR.  Infidel inc. has also been featured in national television commercials by AT&T, Alltel, IZOD & LG, in addition to worldwide theatrical and in-flight ad campaigns.

Aidan has toured opening for Duran Duran, and on The Van’s Warped Tour.  He performed guitar on Brian Reitzell’s score for the Sam Raimi vampire film “30 Days of Night”, and has produced music for several other indie films. In addition to his musical work, Aidan has also worked as a sound designer and consultant for professional audio companies.